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Kaweco FROSTED SPORT Frosted Coconut Fountain Pen

Kaweco FROSTED SPORT Frosted Coconut Fountain Pen

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Kaweco's high-quality, original-design writing instruments are already legendary. Created in 1883, brand offers different series of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and mechanical pencils, manufactured and assembled in Germany.

The FROSTED SPORT series similar to CLASSIC SPORT offers practical pens that you can take with you anywhere. This time the series includes beautiful, slightly transparent pastel colors with deliciously fruity names and silvery features. They're so cute that you want to use (or eat) them right away! Perfect addition to your summer adventures.

All nibs are made in Germany and you can choose your preferred nib size to personalize your pen. Five nib sizes are available:

  • EF, extra fine, for tiny and fine writing,
  • F for good,
  • M as average standard width,
  • B a slightly wider tip,
  • and BB often used for large dramatic signatures.

If you are not sure what size you want or need, we recommend tip size F or M.

To complete the series, Kaweco offers colored ink refills as well as silver clips.

Writing system: Feather pen
Weight: 10.7g
Material: Plastic
Length displayed: 13cm
Closed length: 10.5cm
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