Collection: Milkteadani

Milkteadani is a brand created by a young artist Dani (she/her), living in Germany. She likes to use the color blue because it calms her down a lot. His art is mainly centered around the moon and stars because everything celestial always inspires him.

Since she was a child, she really enjoys painting and being creative. She has always loved collecting stationery and in the past always dreamed of having my own stationery line and designing her own products. When she finished school, she started bullet journaling, which sparked her creativity. This is how she began to write by hand, then she gradually turned to watercolor painting. In 2018, she began drawing her first digital illustrations on iPad. Since then, the iPad with Procreate has been one of his favorite tools for painting, along with watercolor and gouache.

Today she has more than 50,000 subscribers on her Instagram account. These creations are appreciated in several countries.