Collection: Kaweco writing instruments

Since 1883, Kaweco writing instruments have been synonymous with quality and design. Tried and trusted Kaweco products are made with love and ingenuity while using modern materials, colors and shapes.

Unique to Kaweco is the octagonal design, which is visible in several of their series. Whether it's a fountain pen, a rollerball pen or a ballpoint pen or a pencil, whether it's bold or circular, they create the perfect writing instruments for your requirements.

Current collections include:


The CLASSIC SPORT series features classic and historic colors with a gold plated tip, gold logo cap and embossed gold logo.

The big advantage of the CLASSIC SPORT collection pens is their size, they only measure 10.5cm when closed, making them perfect to take anywhere. They are also very practical when writing, once you place the cap on the pen it transforms into a standard sized pen.


The SKYLINE SPORT series complements the CLASSIC SPORT series, with original colors and silver features, such as a feather and an embossed logo.


FROSTED SPORT, a series similar to CLASSIC SPORT, offers practical pens that you can take with you anywhere. This time the series includes beautiful, slightly transparent pastel colors with deliciously fruity names and silvery elements. They're so cute that you want to use (or eat) them right away! Perfect addition to your summer adventures.


Kaweco COLLECTIONS is about reinventing existing collections and adding features to them that are not available in other products. These are temporary limited editions, following the latest trends.


The Kaweco Liliput collection includes fountain pens made from aluminum with a satin finish, which makes the pen elegant and interesting. Available with tips in 5 sizes.


The Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen offers a modern design for your start in the world of handwriting, whatever your age. Visually, the octagonal cap and the 16-sided barrel harmonize perfectly, as the surfaces at different angles create a unique play of light and shadow.

And a lot more…

Kaweco also offers you a wide range of accessories for their products:

  • inks in cartridges in several colors
  • bottled inks
  • pen clips
  • piston converters for fountain pens
  • refills for rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and leads