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Deferred shipping

Deferred shipping

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Are you planning to place several orders in a short time and want to avoid double delivery costs?

Delayed delivery is now possible at millenotes!

By adding this item to your basket, you confirm that:

  • in the next few days/weeks you will place another order
  • you agree that this order will only be sent to you if you place another one

How it works?

A new product has just been launched on the site and you are afraid that it will be sold out very quickly, at the same time you know that a new collection will be launched in the next few days and you do not want to pay twice the delivery costs ?

I found a perfect solution for you!


Mélanie would like to take advantage of the promotions that have just been launched on the site on July 28. At the same time, she knows that the new collection will be launched on August 4. She would like to avoid double delivery costs, so:

1) On July 28 she places a #1 order for promotional products,

2) She also adds this item “Delayed shipping” to her order n°1,

3) She pays the delivery costs for order no. 1,

4) Since she chose delayed delivery in her cart, I know that I should not ship order #1 and wait for another,

5) On August 4, Mélanie creates order no. 2 by adding the products from the latest collection,

6) Mélanie wants to wait for another collection which will be launched on August 14, so she adds this "delayed delivery" item to her basket,

7) She also pays the delivery costs for order no. 2,

8) Seeing this item in order no. 2, I know that Mélanie will order no. 3 and therefore I will not ship no. 1 and no. 2,

9) On August 14, Mélanie places her last order n°3. She does not add “delayed delivery” to her basket,

10) Mélanie also pays the delivery costs for this order,

11) Seeing the last order without this item, I know that I have to send all orders placed,

12) After preparing the package and verifying the actual delivery costs, I refund a difference between the delivery costs paid and the actual costs for the 3 orders together.

I remain at your disposal in case of questions!

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