What is the Traveler's Notebook?

WHAT is the Traveler's Notebook?

Traveler's Notebook (TN), formerly called Midori, is a Japanese product created by Traveler's Company in 2006. If translated directly, it is a traveler's notebook.

But in reality, it's much more than a notebook.

For me this is a solution !

Do you find yourself using several notebooks at the same time, each with a different purpose, different characteristics and ultimately no longer knowing where what you have written?

Traveler's Company has found a solution for that!

Traveler's notebook contents

Traveler's notebook is a system for storing different notebooks in a cowhide cover. We hang them on the cover using rubber bands. This will allow us to customize our “notebook” as we wish. The choice of notebooks and other items that we could insert into the cover is very wide!

We can choose if we want to have the paper blank, lined or squared, in cream, or rather white. Watercolor drawing paper or perhaps simple. Or maybe we need all that and one more agenda...

There aren't really any limits!

Traveler's Notebook inserts

With this storage system we can have a notebook with (for example): a monthly planner, a weekly planner, dotted paper, and watercolor paper, instead of having at least 3 notebooks separately.

Additionally, what if we need a pouch to keep our little treasures, a pen holder so we don't lose our pen and a special notebook to store our stickers or business cards? It's also possible to hang them on your TN, together with the notebooks!

I would like to say that there are no limits, but still we cannot add without limits, 100 notebooks do not bury for example ;) But the cover is wide enough to hold everything inside. It's what you need.

In addition, the Traveler's Notebook is available in two sizes: standard and “pocket”.

Different sizes of Traveler's Notebooks

Each blanket is available in five colors: black, brown, camel, blue and olive.

Traveler's Notebook covers are available in five colors.

On the Internet you will find a lot of inspiration on how to use Traveler's Notebook. Personally, I use Instagram. Just enter #travelersnotebook and you'll find thousands of inspirations.

I hope you find this concept interesting.

I discovered it not long ago and I am completely in love with its charm.

My Traveler's Notebook - by millenotes

I'll share with you soon how I get started with my first TN, how to hang the notebooks and how I organized my inserts. Since until now I have used my bujo in a dotted notebook, I will also show you how and why I am making this transition to TN.

Leave me a comment if you find this article interesting!

See you later friends !

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