Prepare a Mother’s Day greeting card with millenotes

Mother's Day is fast approaching!

I decided that this year I will prepare a greeting card for my mother myself. I haven't done it too often before, because I don't consider myself particularly talented and I'm never happy with the results, but I figured this year I'm going to ignore my talent and do it because I have envy ! And I think it will make my mom happy too :) It's also a great opportunity to express my creativity as well as to show you how you can use the products from my store to prepare your own cards. So I want to encourage you to do it, no matter the level of your talent, because it simply feels good to create!

Just do it for fun and fun for your mom! :)

In total I prepared 4 cards! (yes, yes, my mom will be shocked this year haha)!

Mother's Day prepare your greeting cards

To prepare each card, you need one thing in common: good quality paper!

Personally I used a Rhodia Touch pad with Clairefontaine's 250 g/m2 white fine-grain multi-technique paper, available here.

I started by prepping the paper, trimming the uneven side and rounding the corners. Who has an idea of ​​what I'm preparing? 🤔😁 #papeterie #papeteriecreative #rhodia #papierclairefontaine #diyproject #diy ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Card 1: Glitter Flowers and Confetti (using Ferris Wheel Press colored ink)

Mother's Day greeting card with sparkling flowers

To make this card I used two inks from Ferris Wheel Press

also a yellow K arin Markers Brushmarker PRO pen, a Tombow water reservoir brush and a Gelly roll pen .

Here's the result: …in progress… 🥰 #papeterie #papeteriecreative #diy #papierclairefontaine #entreprises #ferriswheelpress #entreprisesferriswheelpress ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

I added the word "mom" inside this card on a colored background with the same inks, to start my letter to my mom. …a greeting card for my mom 🥰 #fetedemeres #cartedevoeux #maman #papeterie #papeteriecreative #diy #papierclairefontaine #encre #creativite #diycartedevoeux ♬ Somewhere Only We Know - Gustixa
I'm going to put this card in an envelope with these beautiful colorful confetti!
If you would like to prepare your own confetti, you would need:
  • a hole punch
  • colored paper or
  • white paper and paints / or in my case, inks
  • paint brushes
How did I prepare my confetti?
1. I painted the entire leaf with ink, on both sides
2. I waited for the ink to dry well
3. I cut the sheet with the hole punch...and that's it :)
Ferris wheel press ink confetti made with a hole punch
Card 2: Calligraphy and flowery masking tape
To prepare a second card I chose MT masking tape , a brush pen in my favorite color "old pink" from Tombow and Ferris Wheel Press Le Coeur Battant ink. You may also need a paper cutter.
Greeting card thank you mom flowery masking tape
Preparing this card is very simple.
1. Stick the masking tape at the top and bottom of the page.
2. I stuck a narrower masking tape in the middle of the card.
3. In the part not covered by the masking tapes, I wrote "mum" with my tombow marker (in English it means mom, I miscalculated the space to put "mom" so I improvised ( hihi that happens to me often).
4. (this part we can't see on the video because my iphone decided to no longer cooperate with me :( ) I removed the masking tape that was put in the middle and I wrote in this empty place "mom" using the Tombow water tank brush and FWP ink.
I admit that after preparing this card I realized that I still need to practice my lettering/calligraphy skills :D #diypapeterie #diy #papeterie #papeteriecreative #ideecadeau #fetedemeres ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) - SUNNY HOOD STUDIO
Card 3: An easy card, with stickers
Nothing complicated here, you select pretty stickers, you stick them in a composition on the card, if you want, you add one or two words and voila, the card is ready! :)
Here are some ideas for stickers for your card :)
If you don't feel comfortable writing decoratively, you can use stencils or alphabet stamps !
Mother's Day card with floral stickers
Inside I also put paper with peony patterns, so if you have paper with patterns, don't hesitate to use it! #mercimaman #fetedemeres #cartedevoeux #diycartedevoeux #diypapeterie #carterie #papeterie #papeteriecreative ♬ Beautiful - Soft boy
Card 4: A rainbow made from Karin Markers acrylic markers
The method of using Karin Markers' PIGMENT decobrush markers is similar to acrylic paints, but trapped in an easy-to-use marker with a flexible brush-shaped nylon tip. #mercimaman #fetedemeres #diyproject #diycartedevoeux #cartedevoeux #diypapeterie #carterie #papeterie #papeteriecreative ♬ Creative - Smile
Again, preparing a map is easy. At the end, I added many little hearts using a stamp and the little Aladine ink pad , very practical! Watch on video: #cartedevoeux #mercimaman #fetedesmeres #diypapeterie #carterie #diycartedevoeux #papeterie #papeteriecreative ♬ Colors - Feenixpawl
And there you have it, my 4 cards are ready!
I think preparing these 4 cards took me a total of 2 hours (but including filming and taking photos), so it's really not a time-consuming activity. However, it allows you to awaken your creativity and make something cute for your mother.
I assure you that I still have lots of ideas for cards...maybe you will see part 2 of this post then (haha).
If you decide to create your cards, don't hesitate to share them with me! Either here or on Instagram publicly, or in a private message :)
I embrace you!
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Superbe post, très complet et avec des vidéos explicatives, c’est parfait. Et 4 très jolies cartes 🤩 bravo Monika !!


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