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When we talk about elegance and quality in the world of writing products, the name Jacques HERBIN has been synonymous with refinement for more than three centuries. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of this prestigious house created in 1670 in the heart of Paris as well as some of its emblematic products.

A story that begins in the 17th century
It all began during a trip to India where the navigator Jacques Herbin brought back the formula for shellac. Building on this discovery, Jacques Herbin created the HERBIN house, which now became the Jacques HERBIN house, which allowed him to produce and market a wax of high quality in terms of adhesion and finesse. He thus quickly made himself known at the court of King Louis XIV in Versailles. It is therefore in the heart of historic Paris, next to the Pont-Neuf and a few hundred meters from the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral, that the Jacques HERBIN company developed.

The famous sealing wax

One of Jacques Herbin's most emblematic products is sealing wax. This centuries-old tradition continues thanks to the brand's range of sealing waxes. They are made from the highest quality natural waxes, making them easy to use and ensuring a perfect seal every time. Wax sticks HERBIN are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit all tastes.

Herbin Ink: A masterpiece in a bottle

Jacques HERBIN ink quickly achieved great fame, particularly for the luminosity of its shades with poetic names. It seems that the company thus supplied ink to the Emperor Napoleon but also to famous people such as the writer Victor Hugo. During the 19th century, the Jacques HERBIN house participated in major international exhibitions in Paris but also in London in 1823, where it won medals for the exceptional quality of its inks and waxes. The range of products developed, the company thus launched into the production of Indian ink in 1824, innovations were introduced and trademark registrations registered: The purple ink of the schools of the Third Republic or the Pearl of the inks.

Today, Jacques HERBIN has several collections of writing inks. The most iconic collections are:

"Writing inks"

This collection includes a palette of 35 colors, available in bottles of different containers and in cartridges.

These inks have been specially formulated for writing. They are perfect for a fountain pen, rollerball pen, glass nib and pen holder.

The inks from this collection are also presented, as an assortment, in very elegant discovery boxes, to the delight of writing enthusiasts. The poetic names of each color evoke the French origin of the inks and their precious and refined side.

The writing inks are also available in a scented version : six colors floral and fruity scents.

"Inks 1670"

It is a collection created to celebrate the year of the creation of the house in the heart of Paris in 1670. It includes six intense and deep colors, illuminated with golden glitter.

"Inks 1798"

The 1798 inks celebrate the date of the original launch of Jacques Herbin inks, a decisive event in the history of the house founded in 1670. The 1798 inks are illuminated with the shimmer of silver flakes.

"Ink 350"

The 350 ink was launched in 2020 to celebrate the anniversary of the date of the launch of the Jacques HERBIN house in Paris in 1670. This ink is a tribute to the navigator Jacques Herbin whose legend tells of the interest in disappeared places such than Atlantis. Intense dark in color, this ink is illuminated with gold and silver glitter.

“Essential writing inks”

Essential writing inks are made up of a palette of 10 bright and intense colors. They are available both in a 50ml bottle to fill the pump of your pen and in a box of 7 large cartridges of international size.

HERBIN paper: a perfect support

To accompany its inks, Jacques Herbin also offers a range of superior quality papers. Herbin paper is specially designed to resist the brand's inks, providing an exceptional writing experience. It is available in different forms, from notebook to loose paper, to suit everyone's needs.

Writing instruments and supports

Jacques HERBIN offers a complete range of writing instruments for everyday but also traditional use. They are of course intended to be used with Jacques HERBIN inks.

In this collection you will find

  • fountain pens and rollerball pens with pump or cartridges,
  • glass feathers , handcrafted for a unique look,
  • traditional writing instruments.

The continuity of excellence

Today, Jacques HERBIN continues to perpetuate the legacy of its founder by producing writing products of exceptional quality. The brand has evolved with the times, offering products tailored to the needs of modern stationery enthusiasts, while maintaining its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and unrivaled quality.

Jacques Herbin is a true institution in the world of stationery, synonymous with quality, elegance and excellence for more than three centuries. Its products, such as sealing wax, inks and paper, continue to appeal to writing and art enthusiasts around the world. If you are looking for quality writing products to enrich your writing experience, Jacques Herbin products are an incomparable choice. They combine tradition and innovation to give you a truly exceptional writing experience.

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